Katipuneros in the family: Toribio & Claudio Samaco were said to be the right and left arms of General Emilio Aguinaldo. They were the sons of Miguel Samaco and are the great uncles, 2xgreat uncles and 3xgreat uncles of our Samacos in Tabon, Kawit, Cavite.

You can find them on the family tree and check to see exactly how they are related to you!

           The Mother Ground of the Philippine Revolution
           Independence, Flag and National Anthem


                  Trece Martires City, 1985

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PARANGAL sa mga Dakilang Lahi ng Voluntarios…


On February 16, 1965, a nonagenarian, Gabriel S. Topacio, a veteran of the Philippine Revolution who had served under General Emilio Aguinaldo, went to the office of Major Liberato C. Jimenez, a notary public and widely known as the historian of Kawit, and revealed the names of his comrades-in-arms in the Magdalo unit which subsequently became the nucleus of the Revolutionary Army under Aguinaldo.

It was this rag-tag army of voluntarios, without any military education and training whatsoever but with burning patriotism in their hearts and minds, that caused the downfall of the Spanish Regime in the Philippines.

The first recruits of this patriotic army came from Kawit and nearby towns of Bacoor and Imus. From their surnames one may well conclude that they belonged to closely knit families. Their descendants are still much evident in local society, wielding considerable influence in the political, economic, and cultural life of the community. Such is the case of the Aguinaldo and TriaTirona families who still possess a tremendous clout although they are content to remain in the background.
The Aguinaldos and the Tironas contributed six and five fighters, respectively, to the revolutionary cause. But the Jimenez family stands out as having contributed the greatest number of soldiers-patriots - eleven in all - followed by those of the Cipriaso, Diaz, and Ronquillo families who had eight revolutionists each to their credit.
The other Kawit families and their respective rebel volunteers are the following: Caldejon, six; Encarnacion, seven; Monzon, seven; Peregrino, five; Ramos, six; Samaniego, five; Sambile, six; Saqueton, Vales, and Victa, seven each.

The names of the Magdalo veteranos de la revolucion, as recalled by Topacio and listed down by Jimenez for posterity, are the following:
Rufino Agahan, Santiago Agahan, Pedro Agahan, Juan Aganinta, Marcelino Agellon, Placido Agellon, Vicente Agellon, Benigno Agreda, Aldiano Aguilar, Cirilo Aguilar, Manuel Aguilar, Silvino Aguilar, BALDOMERO AGUINALDO (President of Magdalo Government), Crispulo Aguinaldo, the "hero of Pasong Santol", Gabriel Aguinaldo, EMILIO AGUINALDO, the jefe abanderado (chief flag officer) or commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army, Pedro Aguinaldo, Tomas Aguinaldo, Gavino Alejo, Alejandro Alcantara, Martin Alcantara, Pedro Alcantara, Roman Alcantara, Juan Alicdan, Eulalio Alicdan, Proceso Amador, Apolonio Antonio, Basilio Antonio, Francisco Aquino, Gregorio Aquino, Telesforo Aquino, Zacarias Aquino, Lucio Aquipel, Placido Aquipel, Pedro Arigo, Clemente Arquiza, Quintin Arquiza;
Irineo Bagalawis, Julian Bagalawis, Maximo Baytan, Esteban Baytan, Feliciano Balan, Pablo Balan, Bartolome Balanza, Catalino Balay, Graciano Balera, Ambrosio Baloy, Tomas Basa, Roman Bato, Cayetano Bautista, Feliciano Bautista, Guillermo Bautista, Benito Bernal, Pedro Borja, Silvestre Borja, Crisanto Briones, Marcelo Briones, Isidro Bueno;
Carlos Cacha, Bonifacio Cairme, Gregorio Cairme, Osmundo Cairme, Roque Cajapin, Urbano Cajapin, Francisco Cajapin, Imo Cajulis, Juan Cajulis, Braulio Caldejon, Dionisio Caldejon, Gregorio Caldejon, Guillermo Caldejon, Saturnino Caldejon, Severino Caldejon, Catalino Calupcupan, Alejandro Camantigue, Sotero Camantigue, Pablo Canda, Vicente Caparas, Simon Capistrano, Severo Castellada, Benito Castillo, Teodoro Castillo, Eusebio de Castro, Isidro de Castro, Andres Cawiles, Esteban Celestial, Francisco Celestial, Pedro Celestial, Sixto Celestial, Alejandro Cipriaso, Bernabe Cipriaso, Cipriano Cipriaso, Damaso Cipriaso, Evaristo Cipriaso, Epifanio Cipriaso, Presidio Cipriaso, Eladio Cipriaso, Hipolito Copiaco, Felipe Corpuz, Lazaro Crudo, Eustaquio de la Cruz, Pablo Cuevas, Estanislao Guiton;
Serafin Danico, Albino Dano, Cornelio Daplas, Silvino Dayrit, Aldiano Diaz, Apolonio Diaz, Dionisio Diaz, Esteban Diaz, Luis Diaz, Marcos Diaz, Maximo Diaz, Valentin Diaz, Eusebio Dulog;
Alberto Encarnacion, Canuto Encarnacion, Clemente Encarnacion, Inocensio Encarnacion, Julian Encarnacion, Pio Encarnacion, Teodoro Encarnacion, Vicente Espada;
Arsenio Familar, Francisco Frany;
Julian Gamat, Ignacio Gan, Landanillo Gan, Rafael Gan, Tomas Gan, Fernando Ganibe, Gavino Geluz, Rufino Geluz, Graciano Gomez, Guillermo Gomez, Mateo Gonzaga;
Julio Handog;
Gregorio Icayan, Molo Ilustrisimo, Pedro Idor, Cayetana Igno, Felipe Igno, Mariano Igno;
Benedicto Ilano;
Santiago Jaramila, Catalino Jaminal, Eulogio Jaminal, Matias Jaminal, Benigno Jaminal, Esteban Jamir, Tomas Janabajab, Joaquin Janolino, Pedro Janolino, Luciano Janairo, Benito Jimenez, Domingo Jimenez, Fruto Jimenez, Gabriel Jimenez, Jorge Jimenez, Luis Jimenez, Buenaventura Jimenez, Martin Jimenez, Mateo Jimenez, Pedro Jimenez, Silvino Jimenez, Angel Gansi Jorge, Graciano Juliano;
Nicolas Kaiklian, Regino Kaiklian;
Jose Lagac, Ciriaco Legaspi, Julian Legaspi, Benito Leonor, Fruto Leonor, Juan Leonor, Valentin Leonor, Severo Llave, Nicolas Lunasin, Rafael Lunasin, Segundo Lusin;
Ciriaco Macagaling, Anselmo Magadia, Julian Magadia, Rufino Magadia, Albrosio Magbitang, Hugo Magbitang, Andres Magos, Primo Maloto, Flaviano Manipol, Alberto Maigue, Domingo Maigue, Andres Maristela, Basilio Magsarili, Tomas Mascardo, Eladio Mascardo, Mariano Mascardo, Francisco Mascardo, Cipriano Mata, Raymundo Mata, Remigio Masangkay, Primo Mata, Gregoria Montoya, Aniceto Monzon, Antonio Monzon, Dionisio Monzon, Hilario Monzon, Serafin Monzon, Victoriano Monzon, Antonio Muñoz;
Rufino Narvaez, Lino Napalan;
Camilo Octavo, Hilario Olaes, Severino Olaes, Eugenio Orcullo, Juan Ortega, Pio Ortega;
Elias Palla, Severino Palla, Alfonso Pallera, Candido Pallera, Domingo Pallera, Paulino Palustre, Proceso Pasao, Domingo Pasion, Flaviano Pasion, Donato Pelagio, Aureliano Peregrino, Celestino Peregrino, Hermogenes Peregrino, Siverio Peregrino, Pedro Peregrino;
Blas Quiamzon, Pedro Quiamzon;
Adriano Ramos, Anastacio Ramos, Eugenio Ramos, Pablo Ramos, Tomas Ramos, Trinidad Ramos, Catalino Ravelo, Esteban Ravelo, Feliciano Ravelo, Fermin Ravelo, Gregorio Ravelo, Pedro Ravelo, Ignacio Realica, Moises Realica, Rosalio Rea, Placido Red, Crispulo Resede, Basilio Revida, Diego de los Reyes, Estanislao Reyes, Simeon Reyes, Catalino Reynante, Fermin Reynante, Juan Reynante, Agustin Rieta, Ambrosio Rieta, Carlos Rieta, Leon Rieta, Pedro Rieta, Francisco Rodriguez, Graciano Rodriguez, Tandong Rodriguez, Carlos Ronquillo, Crisanto Ronquillo, Engracia Ronquillo, Flaviano Ronquillo, Gregorio Ronquillo, Rufino Ronquillo, Rufino Ronquillo, Santiago Ronquillo, Jose Ronquillo, Leon Rivera, Aniano del Rosario, Anselmo del Rosario, Pelagio del Rosario, Tranquilino del Rosario;
Emiliano Sales, Claudio Samson, Toribio Samaco , Bonifacio Samaniego, Carlos Samaniego, Canuto Samaniego, Victor Samaniego, Catalino Sambile, Graciano Sambile, Guillermo Sambile, Macario Sambile, Silvestre Sambile, Daniel Sambong, Jose Samiano, Severino Samonez, Catalino Samot, Domingo Samoy, Valeriano Samoy, Francisco Sanares, Gregorio Sanares, Pablo Sanares, Julio Santera, Aurelio Santonil, Pablito Santonil, Eulalio Santulan, Gaudioso Santulan, Julian Santulan, Matias Santulan, Pablo Santulan, Benigno Santi, Pastor Santi, Ricardo Santi, Crisanto Saqueton, George Saqueton, Hilario Saqueton, Julio Saqueton, Leoncia Saqueton, Tiburcio Saqueton, Valentin Saqueton, Victor Sarile, Ambrosio Sarinas, Simeon Sayaman;
Jose Tagudin, Silvino Tagudin, Maximino Tiong, CANDIDO TRIA TIRONA, Carlos Tria Tirona, Andres Tria Tirona, DANIEL TRIA TIRONA, Estanislao Tria Tirona, Julian Toledo, Gavino Toledo, Francisco Torres, Hermogenes Torres, Nicolas Torres, GABRIEL S. TOPACIO;
Esteban Valerio, Braulio Vales, Epifanio Vales, Felipe Vales, Gaudencio Vales, Juan Vales, Rafael Vales, Silvestre Vales, Emeterio Vallada, Maximo Vallada, Trinidad Vallada, Roman Vallar, Esteban Velasco, Pedro Veluz, Canuto Victa, Claudio Victa, Isaac Victa, Macario Victa, Manuel Victa, Marcelo Victa, Toribio Victa, Basilio Vida, Cayetano Vida, Dionisio Vida, Hilarion Vida, Mariano Vida, Apolinar Vidal, Catalino Vidal, Gregorio Vidal, Daniel Villanueva, Domingo Villanueva, Estanislao Villanueva, Pedro Villanueva, Ramon Villao, Alejo Villasis, and Domingo Viray.

To all these first voluntarios in Aguinaldo's revolutionary army, who were responsible for the redemption of the Filipino people from more than three centuries of Spanish colonization, the Philippines owes a debt of gratitude that is beyond computation.